Our Farm Stand

Our farm Stand is at the Junction of Route 17 and Route 22 in Northford, CT.

Our farm Stand is at the Junction of Route 17 and Route 22 in Northford, CT.

At Cecarelli Farms, we have our own farm stand located at the farm at 164 Old Post Rd in Northford, CT. As a diversified vegetable farm, our stand carries a wide variety of fresh produce that is in season between May thru late October. We also carry our very own Natural Salsa (try some, we know you’ll love it!) as well as our freshly crushed red tomatoes. All produce at our farm stand is picked within a day and comes with a guarantee of freshness and quality. If you are not satisfied with the produce from our stand, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

From May thru late October, come visit our new greenhouse, we offer an array of seasonal plants and products.


One of the downsides of being a genuine farm stand in a world of grocery stores is we don’t have planes flying our goods in from Chile, and we don’t have huge refrigerators keeping thousands of pounds of produce on hold until it’s needed. Because of that, we offer what the Earth gives us, and those gifts vary throughout the seasons.

You can check and see what to expect on Our Produce/Products & Ripening Calendar, but keep in mind those are all just estimates and are dependent on the weather cooperating. On the other hand, what this means is that whatever we are offering you can be sure was picked within the last day; it’s fresh from the farm, which means it’s got every bit of flavor and nutrient value that you can get from it.

Farm Stand and Greenhouse Hours and Location

If you are in the neighborhood, we invite you to stop by our farm stand located at the farm at 164 Old Post Rd., Northford, CT. to chat with us and see what we have fresh for you today!

From May thru late October
Daily 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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In addition to our own farm stand, Cecarelli Farms supplies the same fresh high quality produce (picked within the last day or so) to several farmers markets throughout Connecticut. We are proud to provide our fresh newly picked produce to these markets at prices that are affordable and lower than you will typically find in the grocery store.

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