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“Three generations of Cecarellis have worked the farm in Northford, Connecticut since 1912.” Nelson Cecarelli

Three generations of Cecarellis have worked the farm in Northford, Connecticut since 1912.


Family Owned for Over 100 Years!

It was more than century ago — 1912 to be precise — that my grandfather Frank Cecarelli came over from Italy in search of his American Dream. He settled here in Connecticut and purchased the first piece of land that began our family business known as Cecarelli Farms. Three generations later, Nelson Cecarelli (that’s me) and my family continue to work the land, cooperating with the Earth to create some of the brightest, best-tasting produce you’ll ever taste from right here in the rolling hills of Northford, Connecticut.

A thriving part of Connecticut’s rich farming heritage, Cecarelli Farms is focused on traditional farming methods that keep the land as healthy as we keep our produce. Whenever you bite into a vegetable or fruit from our farm, you can do it knowing your food is:

  • Non-GMO: We never have, and never plan to use Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seeds; plain and simple.
  • USDA GAP/GHP Compliant: Our produce has successfully met the USDA’s criteria for their voluntary Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) Audit.
  • Reduced-Tillage: By utilizing a deep-zone tilling technique we tested in conjunction with researchers at UConn, we can reduce erosion, keep the soil healthy and intact, and help reduce atmospheric CO2 — all while reducing our fossil fuel use and improving our crops! The technique has spread to more than 40 farmers across the Northeast since we implemented it here at Cecarelli Farms.
  • IPM: Integrated Pest Management techniques help us minimize the use of pesticides while maintaining the freshness and quality of our produce.
  • Fresh: We don’t sell any produce that isn’t ripe, and we don’t sell produce unless the person we sell to can show us precisely how they expect that produce to end up in someone’s meal (or at least their fridge) within 48 hours of being picked.
  • Seasonal: We don’t try to force the land to grow something that isn’t right for it — which means everything we sell is in-season the moment we sell it. While that means we often don’t have tomatoes until June for example, it does mean that the tomatoes you get are bright and flavorful and ready to eat.
  • Good to the Bottom of the Box: Our produce is fresh and beautiful no matter how deep you dig. In fact, we guarantee the freshness and quality of our produce; if you don’t like it, we refund it, no questions asked.

Please, No Pets. In accordance with our adopted GAP and FSMA Food Safety protocols, we are kindly asking that ALL visitors to the farm to please refrain from bringing your pets. Failure to conform to these protocols can translate into a potential public health and safety issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience incurred.

Thank You for your co-operation and understanding, Cecarelli Farms

Where Can You Find Our Food?

Cecarelli Farms sells fresh produce and products to wholesalers, at farmers markets, to farm-to-table restaurants as well as at our own Farm Stand in Northford center. We also run a pair of farm stands in Bridgeport, CT — an area that would not otherwise have ready access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) At Cecarelli Farms

Cecarelli Farms is committed to supply its CSA members with a diverse selection of fresh picked produce on a weekly basis. Our CSA season runs from mid June to mid October, for 18 weeks. We offer 2 pick-up days at the farm for our members convenience to obtain their shares. Learn More.

Never a Stale Day

Our family has a passion for farming and working the land – it’s in our blood. In fact, we love it so much we put our 140 acre farm into a permanent agricultural easement to ensure that this land will be farmed for generations to come. We love farming because farming is always challenging and it’s never the same. Every day here is different, every season is different. There’s always something different and it’s very rewarding when you overcome the challenges with weather and other adversities and have a crop come through.

In short, there’s never a stale day when you’re a farmer — and the satisfaction we get from knowing that our hard work is putting nutritious, real food in the mouths of the people in our community (and throughout Connecticut) is what keeps us motivated to continue providing the best produce the earth can give.

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