CSA 2017

We know that many of you have already signed up for our 2017 CSA and we would like to Thank You for supporting our farm. For those who are interested

in signing up, there is still time, the deadline is May 31 2017. Just go to our website at cecarellifarms.com for further information. This year

promises to offer some new items, grown only for our CSA. The fruit selection should be better from talking to the orchard farmers, who state that the

crops look good and that the peaches should be more abundant than last summer. At lot is happening at the farm, after being started in the

greenhouses, the seedlings are now being transplanted in the fields. We will be relocating our Farm Stand from the center of Northford back to the

farmstead on Old Post Rd, also in the works is a new greenhouse. We hope to hear from you and are looking forward to a GREAT SUMMER!