Farm-to-Restaurant: The Best Food Comes From the Finest Produce

We’re spoiled here at Cecarelli Farms — our rich Italian heritage and our rich, fertile land make it easy for us to whip up a casual dinner that bursts with color, flavor, and nutrients. But we understand that most folks don’t have a garden, much less a whole farm. And if you’re lucky enough to have a great cook in the family, well, you’re lucky.

That’s one reason why when we were first approached by the Valley Café, Marist College’s local-eating program, to contribute to their new farm-to-table program, we jumped at the opportunity. What better way to know for a fact that our produce was going to not just be enjoyed, but be part of a culinary experience that people would remember for a long time to come? Having a top-tier, health-conscious chef design seasonal, locally-sourced meals that turn Cecarelli produce into salivation-inducing dinners is a dream come true!

Cecarelli Farms provides fresh produce to several farm-to-restaurant and food preparation operations including:

Fresh Salt at Saybrook Point Inn and Spa

Old Saybrook CT
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Modern Apizza

New Haven CT
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Whitneyville Food Center

Hamden CT
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Nica’s Market

New Haven CT
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The Valley Cafe at Marist College

Poughkeepsie NY
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The restaurants we serve are proud to put our home-grown tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, green beans, green peas and other fresh produce into their tasty recipes. Not only does it give their meals a down-home flavor, the customers are also happy to find out that our food is grown with integrity; using non-GMO seeds, sustainable deep zone tilling (DTZ) methods and integrated pest management (IPM) techniques that significantly reduce the use of pesticides during the growth process.

If you are looking for high quality locally grown produce to serve in your restaurant or food service, consider partnering with Cecarelli Farms. Contact us to learn more.

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