Farmers Markets: Cecarelli in Your Neighborhood

Cecarelli Farms’ produce can be found at the following farmers markets:

You’ll find Cecarelli Farms' produce at Famers Markets in New Haven and Bridgeport

You’ll find Cecarelli Farms’ produce at Famers Markets in New Haven and Bridgeport


Why Farmers Markets?

When Cecarelli Farms first started — and in fact for the first 60+ years — we sold exclusively to wholesalers who took our goods to grocery stores around New England (and possibly beyond). But something bothered us…we couldn’t really control what happened to our produce after we sold it to a wholesaler. We didn’t know how much of our hard work producing the finest and freshest food possible was going to waste because our produce was being delivered too late, too warm, too cold or simply too abused.

When you sell at a farmers market, you wake up early and you pick the produce you’re planning on selling that very morning. The seller picks up the batch in person, and you know that they’re going to see each and every person that buys your produce face-to-face. There’s a much greater sense that your work is going to be appreciated, and your food is going to be eaten fresh by people who will love it. That means a lot to a family farmer, and it is an integral part of who we are at Cecarelli Farms.

Serving Bridgeport’s Underserved Communities

We first started supplying farmers markets through a partnership with Wholesome Wave; an organization devoted to bringing locally grown food to underserved Connecticut communities. We believe in the powerful health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, and we were deeply impacted when we learned that there are large areas of our state where families have neither a car, nor a proper grocery store within a mile’s walk. When we found out we could supply underserved communities in Bridgeport with the same fresh, high quality produce you will find at our farm stand, we jumped at the opportunity; because we believe the place you call home should never be an impediment to eating the best fruits and vegetables our Earth can provide.

Since we got started, our partnership with Wholesome Wave has grown year after year. We are proud to work with such a fine organization and we are proud to deliver our premium produce to lower income Bridgeport communities with the same quality and the same guarantee we offer at our farm stand; you like it or we refund you 100%, no questions asked.

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